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Glasgow Pride (Communal Building)
Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Communal Building
King Street
G1 5QT

Venue added by: G5Amanda
Date Added:
17th Jun 2014

Contact Details:

19th July 2014 from 12:00 to 20:00
This year Glasgow Pride has a Trans area with changing space and more, it will be a welcoming area for Trans people and a place to sit and relax during this busy event. Members of the community will be on hand to welcome you.

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Glasgow Pride

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Glasgow Pride (Saturday, July 19, 2014)

pride was rubbish. the t in lgbt does not stand for Tesco's, which is what they seemed to make out.
I heard there was going to be an area for transgender people, so I went along to it, but it was filled with Tesco's staff and tables and chairs and they were doing refreshments -serving everyone, whoever they were.
I did see a few other transgender people, but not many.
to be fair it wasn't the sort of event I'd have paid for to go and see, and I've not been to one before -I'm kind of glad I went but only in the sense that now I can say 'I've been', but not because I liked it.
there was no organisation or anything. I'd volunteered to go as a volunteer and help out but nobody got in contact with me about where to go, when to be there, anything to wear or something to bring with me.
I can't really talk about value for money since I got in for free, through volunteering. but I guess a fiver was good for the entertainment and stuff, if you like that kind of a thing.
I don't know who staff were.
the atmosphere.. well, it was in a car park so that wasn't exactly great. there were fairground rides near where we were so you practically had to shout to make yourself heard.

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Glasgow Pride

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