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Salon Nikki (Nightclub)
Radlett, Hertfordshire

Venue added by: nikkisosweet
Date Added:
6th Oct 2010

Nikki’s Poker Salon Saturday Radlett October 16th 9-00 PM onwards

This is a bit of an experiment .. I am opening the door for a special evening for TVs, TGs GGs & admirers.. the theme is Poker and Roulette and I would like to have up to 10 guests. This is not a sex party ( I know that must sound odd) but if the urge takes anyone then there is a bedroom ....

Te Pot for the Poker will be £5-00 per player and the same for the Roulette .. the game will be simple Texas Hold All … We might even try some Blackjack .. Backgammon is on offer too .. for those that dare ..

The Poker its good old fashioned winner takes all… on the Roulette its play for no more than an hour and the 2 highest players split the pot on fractions …

So.. bring yourselves.. of course bring some wine or a few lagers .. I will provide some nibbles on the house ..

Why am I doing this ? Well it should be good ..there doesn’t seem to be much around that isn’t the same uh pub and club scene, and fun though that is ..I mean I go out when I have the time and all … its nice to try something different ..maybe a bit more social ? If this works well I might try to roll it out in a pub or club but its very much see what happens ..

This is not a dressing service but TVs who need to change at my place can do so of course.

I live in a residential area with plenty of parking. There is a train to Central London and its 15 mins from Watford by car.

If you are interested drop me a mail on this site and I will let you have details.

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