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The chatroom says I am banned. Help!
tvChix has several moderators in the chatroom, who kindly help the site by ensuring the chatrooms run smoothly.

Often this means ejecting disruptive or abusive users. If you have been banned from chat, you will receive a tvChix message explaining the reason, and duration of the ban

The duration of the ban varies depending on the reason you were banned. If you are banned for a second time within 6 months of the first, you can expect the ban to be more severe.
If you have been banned three times within 6 months, we assume you are not interested in abiding by the chatroom rules, and the chatroom ban is *permanent*.

The chatroom mods have the power to enforce our Profile Rules, and you are liable to be banned from chat if you enter the chatrooms and your profile is unsuitable.
Please be sure to read our Profile Guidelines *before* you enter the chatrooms.

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The chatroom says I am banned. Help!
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