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I signed up but did not recieve my confirmation code
The confirmation code is sent to you the very minute you sign up to tvChix.
This is entirely automated, and if you do not receive it, it is completely beyond our control.

There are several reasons why you might not receive it.

  • Your mail box may be full, and the mail bounces back to us. Check your mail account is fully active before trying to use it!

  • If you use webmail, some accounts become inactive if you havent logged into them for a while.

  • Webmail accounts often have built in spam filters. These are not foolproof, and the tvChix confirmation email may have been placed in the spam, or bulk email, folder.

  • Hotmail seems to have particular problems with emails not arriving. Use a different provider if you are having problems.

  • If you use an email program, but you can also access your email via a web browser, try that too. Email accounts such as BT often run spam filters, and will not deliver emails which they think are spam. However, if you log into their website, you can often view it there.

  • You may have simply typed your email incorrectly when you signed up. If thats the case please sign up again, this time using your correct email address

You can ask the website to resend your confirmation code.
Just log into your account, and click the link to resend the code.

Please do not mail me asking for your confirmation code.
This step is fully automated and I am unable to send confirmation codes manually.

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I signed up but did not recieve my confirmation code
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