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When will my profile be approved?
We strive to approve all profiles as soon as possible.
However, we are a small site with limited resources, and so often this can mean a matter of days, rather than hours.

Profiles are not always approved in the order they were submitted. We give priority to users who have clearly spent time on their profile, and so if you're profile consists of just a line or two, it will often languish at the back of the queue. Sorry, but I have to prioritise them in some way, and this is the way which seems to make most sense.

Be certain you have actually clicked the button to submit your profile for approval. This is not the same as completing your profile!
There is a link on the Edit Profile screen after you have completed your profile, to submit it to be reviewed.

Likewise, if your profile has been rejected, and you have amended it, you need to resubmit it for review in the same way. Please see the pink box which appears in the Edit Profile screen.

When we approve or reject your profile, you will receive a message in your tvChix inbox, telling you. If you have mail notifications enabled (in your Edit Profile screen), you will also receive an email telling you that you have unread tvChix messages.

We do not respond or accelerate your approval if you send us emails. There are no shortcuts in the queue, sorry.

It can be very frustrating to wait a period of time only for your profile to be rejected.
You can prevent this from happening by carefully fully reading the Profile Guidelines.
See what we expect from your profile, and what sort of images are acceptable.

Main Reasons for Rejection

1) Explicit Primary Pic. We dont allow this.

2) Explicit Pics which havent been marked as explicit. We use this feature to make sure the front page and forums do not display any adult content.

3) Profiles which barely satisy the minimum requirements.
By reading your profile, we should be able to get a good idea of your appearance, your interests, and what you are looking for on the site.

4) Profiles saying 'Will fill this out later' will be rejected. If you want to fill it out later, submit it later!

5) If you're an admirer, register as one. There are no benefits to registering as a TGirl. Play fair and be honest, thats all were asking.

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When will my profile be approved?


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