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I want to report a timewaster
We try our best to eliminate timewasters from tvChix.

However, we do not act on emails or messages claiming someone is a timewaster, or tolerate accusations made on any part of the site, including in the chatrooms, forums, guestbooks and your own profile text.
We have no way of proving these accusations, and its open to so much abuse, especially when a conflict might have occurred.

There is only one way tvChix accepts feedback on timewasters, and that is via the My Meets feature.

If you are arranging to meet someone, insist that they use the My Meets feature.
You should do likewise with the same date and time.

This formalises that you are planning to meet each other, and allows you to leave feedback if they do not turn up.
Users with a pattern of 'no shows' are banned from the site.

If your prospective date refuses to use the My Meets feature, when asked, it is a likely indication that they are not genuine about meeting you.

For more info on how to use the My Meets feature, please see How to use the My Meets feature

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I want to report a timewaster


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