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How to report a technical problem

If you are having problem with any aspect of the website, or chatrooms on tvChix, we would like to help

In order for us to help, your post MUST include the following:
  • Your exact operating system (E.g: Windows 10, Mac OSX 10.11.6, Ubuntu 14.04 etc)
  • Your exact browser version (E.g: Internet Explorer 11.0, Firefox 50.1.0, Opera 10.53 etc)
  • The nature of the problem, and error messages you are seeing
  • DO tell us what solutions you've already tried, if any
  • DO read recent posts on the Technical Support Forum before posting
  • DO Search the Technical Support Forum to see if your problem has been resolved in the past.
Examples of GOOD posts which allow us to help you quickly...

"I try to get into the chatrooms, and click the link to agree to the rules. The chatroom sidebar then loads, but the chatroom software says 'Connection Refused'. I've tried in Internet Explorer 11.0.6001.18702 and also Firefox 3.6.3, but they both fail with the same message. Please help!"

"I copied some images from my camera to my desktop, and then tried to upload them to tvChix. The website complains that the images must be under 150k, and the upload fails. Window Explorer says the image is only 140k. What could cause this?"

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How to report a technical problem
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