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How to take a screenshot
Taking a Screen Shot

This article explains how to take a screenshot on your computer.
If you have been directed here, it is usually because of a problem you have reported, and I need to better understand the problem before offering any help, by seeing what's appearing on your screen.

Taking a screenshot is fairly easy.
Make sure nothing private or important is on your screen (close emails, and any websites unrelated to tvChix), and then follow the instructions for whatever Operating System you are using....

Instructions for....

Windows (XP / Vista / Windows 7)

Mac OS / OSX

Linux (GNOME / KDE)

What to do with the image?

You should then have an image file, which can either be uploaded to a website such as ImageShack and posted into the tvChix forums, or if I have given you an address to email the screenshot, just attach it to your email.

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