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Breast Forms and Other Prosthetics

The idea of using breast forms to achieve full cleavage or adding in other prosthetic body enhancements can be daunting to some and absolutely thrilling to others. The appeal of prosthetics could be as simple as wanting a bit of a confidence boost, or it could be the specific thrill at having silicone transform your body. Whether you're interested in just a bit of chest enhancement or a more full body effect, there are products out there that should give you what you want.

Breast forms come in many different sizes and shapes. Some are made to be directly glued to the chest, which can produce a more natural look. The right application of makeup can even make it possible to show off your new silicone cleavage without the seam between the prosthetic and your skin being particularly noticeable. This sort of application helps create very realistic bounce and jiggle as well, as the breast form moves with your chest instead of with your clothing.

Forms designed to be worn in a bra can also achieve a highly realistic look, assuming that the bra you're wearing fits both you and the form well. An added benefit of this type of breast form is that if you get sweaty or are particularly physically active you don't have to worry about your glue and makeup melting. A breast form worn with a well-fitted push-up bra can also help you achieve cleavage with the flesh already present on your chest, which is the ultimate natural look. Some breast forms are specifically designed for this use, having a more triangular shape than a full breast so that they can be worn low in a bra to push your skin upwards. What results may be a smaller breast than could be achieved with a larger form, but it is also incredibly difficult for others to see the difference between this sort of enhancement and a natural breast.

Swimsuits with pockets inside of them for holding breast forms are available, as well as forms specifically designed for retaining their shape in water. There is also alluring lingerie with pockets for breast forms, so that it isn't necessary to glue them to your chest while wearing them.

Whether you decide to get adhesive breast forms or the type to sit in a pocket or bra, their price range is similar. Prices are from the low end at £40 (~$51) to the high at £400 (~$506). Whatever your budget or needs, you'll likely be able to find a set that is right for you.

Other prosthetics can include padded panties or girdles for filling out your hips and buttocks, or full body suits that can be combined with the padded girdles and breast forms to dramatically transform your figure.

Underwear or girdles with extra padding are popular with cisgendered women as well and can be found in a variety of styles. They're typically designed to round out the buttocks or hips, changing a flat and angular body into one that is devastatingly curved. The cheapest of these can be found for only £12 ($15), while the top of the line may cost as much as £650 (around $823). Padded panties are available in a wide variety of styles and materials as well, ranging from demure and high-waisted to playful bikini bottoms. The padding, too, can be made from a variety of materials. Silicone and foam are the two most popular. Silicone pads give the most realistic shape and feel, while foam pads are the most comfortable.

Full body suits are a far greater investment than breast forms or girdles, with it being very difficult to find one worth purchasing for less than £600 / $759. These are typically made out of silicone like the breast forms, but cover the torso entirely. Some also have legs and continue their body shaping straight down to the ankles. Such suits offer padding and some way also shape the waist. The effect through clothing is truly remarkable, though if any of the "skin" of the suit is visible the illusion may be shattered. Such full body prosthetics are typically preferred by cross-dressers with a specific interest in "femsuits", but they may have utility for others.

When considering adding prosthetics to your wardrobe, it's generally a good idea to start small and build your way up. While the idea of a full body effect might be exciting at first, you may find that simply wearing breast forms ends up too warm for your taste. Take it slow and experiment and you'll find what works best for you.

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