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Drag Queen Makeover Tips

Some good basic items to have on hand are:

Moisturizer or a day cream
Makeup brushes and cosmetic sponges
Panstick or a similar heavy duty foundation
Loose cosmetic powder
Blush and eyeshadow
Eyebrow wax
Liquid eyeliner
Lip pencil
Lipstick and lip gloss
Spirit gum
False eyelashes


Before you begin, you'll want to shave and wash your face thoroughly. With your face still slightly damp, apply your moisturizer and give your skin five to ten minutes before applying any makeup. If you want to sculpt your eyebrows at all, it's best to pluck them several hours before so that any residual redness or irritation has had a chance to settle down.

You may decide to put a gaff and other undergarments on before applying makeup, but it's best to wait on outer clothing and your wig until you're done applying makeup. If your hair needs to be pulled back for the wig, you should pin it back now. This will also give you good access to the edges of your hairline.

Preparing Your Palette

If your eyebrows need to be covered, you can do this by spreading the eyebrow wax over them. This can also be done with a glue stick. The back of your tweezers will make a good tool for pressing them down as you spread the wax. Once they are smooth and dry, you can cover them with your foundation.

You will want two shades of foundation for this. One should be slightly lighter than your skin tone, while the second should match your skin tone or be slightly darker, depending on just how naturalistic you want your drag to be. The lighter foundation should be applied to your forehead, a strip following the bridge of your nose, chin and slightly higher than your actual cheekbone. To find the right spot to apply it on your cheeks, suck your cheeks in as deep as they will go to highlight the bone. The darker foundation will be applied everywhere else. Once your foundation is done, cover your face liberally with the loose cosmetic powder. This will set your foundation and keep your face from looking greasy. Any excess powder can be brushed off with a clean blush brush.


This is one of the most difficult tricks to master and requires a lot of practice. You are in essence treating your face as a canvas and using makeup to make your bone structure appear to be shaped more femininely. This usually focuses on rounding out the forehead by adding shadows towards the top and corners of it, adding shading from the top of the ear to the corner of the mouth to soften the cheekbones, and shading under the jaw. This is best learned from picture or video tutorials, which can be found online.

Eye Makeup

If you have covered your eyebrows, now is the time to paint them back on. There are eyebrow stencils available for the beginner, though if you learn how to do them freehand you will have more freedom to be creative. Using one of your brushes or eyeliner, you'll begin your eyebrow just above your actual eyebrow, having it arch gently upwards. Your drawn eyebrow must be thinner towards the outer edge and thicker towards your nose to help make your eyes look larger.

Under the thinner edge of your eyebrow, apply white or lighter colored eyeshadow. You can use some of this same shade on your eyelid, over the part that bulges over your eyeball when you close the lid. Darker colors will go around this, creating shadows that make your eyes appear much larger. There are many beautiful variations on eye makeup that you may want to explore. Once your eyeshadow is done, you'll apply eyeliner to the lower and upper lids.

Lashes and Lips

To really make your eyes look dramatic, you'll want to wear false lashes. Trim the lashes to your desired length first, then apply the spirit gum. Let it dry for a few minutes - you might actually want to apply the glue before you start on your eyeshadow - and then begin applying the lashes starting from the outer edge toward your tear duct. Gently push them down toward the base of your natural lashes.

You'll begin your lips by gently drawing just outside of your natural lip with the lip pencil, then blending it inwards into your lips with one of your brushes. Once it's blended into your lips, redraw with the lip pencil once again. With a lipstick just a touch lighter than the lip pencil, apply to the center of your bottom lip and then a small dab on the fullest part of your upper lip before blending. To add extra fullness to your lips you can then add lip gloss over those same areas.

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