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Buying and Caring For Transvestite Wigs

There are several reasons why wigs are important for a transvestite. The first is that hair style and length matters a great deal in western culture when it comes to identifying someone's gender. A woman can have a short haircut, styled similarly to a man's, but she'll be more quickly recognized as being a woman with a longer and traditionally feminine style. Another reason for the importance of wigs to transvestites is that, due to this association of long hair with femininity, it can be a far more satisfying experience to dress and include luxurious, womanly hair.

Because of these and other reasons, a good wig can be one of the most important investments that a transvestite makes for dressing. Styled and worn properly, a wig can greatly enhance your appearance. A cheap wig that hasn't been cared for or is styled in an unflattering manner can absolutely ruin an otherwise flawless presentation, however.

Buying a Wig

There is a dizzying array of wigs available for purchase, but not all wigs are created equally. While a genuine human hair wig is going to have the most realistic feel and look, there are synthetic wigs which remain high quality.

Purchasing in person improves your odds of finding something that you'll be satisfied with, as you'll know exactly what you're getting. On the other hand, purchasing over the Internet gives you access to a far wider selection of wigs. Purchasing over the Internet may be the best choice for most transvestites, thanks to the privacy and selection available, as well as generally lower prices. To determine whether or not a wig would fit your needs, asking other transvestites in online communities what they think of a specific wig manufacturer should help.

You might also decide against purchasing a full wig. A fringe to add bangs, clips to add length, or simply an extension for a pony tail might better suit you. If you can match them to your natural hair color, you can have far more dramatic realism than with just about any wig. Bang fringes are especially useful for disguising your hairline.

Caring for Your Wig

A synthetic wig will require different care than one made with real hair. One of the benefits of getting a synthetic wig is that the maintenance isn't as great. A synthetic wig should be carefully detangled before being washed in cool water that has shampoo dissolved in it. Don't rub the wig, as this could damage it. Simply let it soak in the soapy water for several minutes, swirl it a few times, and then rinse it in more cool water. Again, avoid any rubbing. If you need to, pat it with a towel gently. Once it's washed, your wig should be set on its stand and then sprayed with leave in conditioner and left to dry. Once it's dry, you can begin styling.

When real hair wigs are washed they should never be allowed to soak in the water. Instead, they should be kept under flowing water like a shower head, with the flow of the water always moving from the roots to the end of the hair. Otherwise, you run the risk of tangling the hair and ruining your wig. Water should be cool and the shampoo should be mild. The shampoo should be gently smoothed through the wig hair with your fingers before being rinsed in more cool water. Shampooing should be followed by a hydrating conditioner, which can be left on for a minute before the hair is rinsed again. Pat your wig dry with a towel, but do not rub or wring it out. You can then let it dry on a wig stand.

In both cases, wigs should only be washed every two to three weeks as needed. Use a wig stand for drying your wigs rather than a mannequin head, which could stretch it out. Keeping it on a head once it's dry is perfectly fine.

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