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Tips for Presenting as Male

It's commonly said that FtM people can "pass" easily. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Because there is a wide range of clothing choices for female bodied people in our society, a trans man might be seen as a butch lesbian instead. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this trap and present a consistent male appearance.


Going to a barber for a haircut is a great start. Alternately, find a gay-friendly stylist who will help you look as masculine as possible. Getting a short cut from someone who typically does women's hair or knew you "before" puts you at risk of getting a style more commonly associated with butch women.

Cuts that are short in the back and on the sides help make your face look more angular and masculine, while a crewcut will emphasize the rounded shape of your skull and paradoxically look more feminine. Additionally, "edgy" haircuts may be seen as a butch lesbian style.

If you have pointy pseudo-sideburns, snip them off straight across, then use a razor to square them starting at the upper edge of your ear. Men don't grow those "points" so stick with short, square sideburns for now.


Until or unless you're able to grow convincing adult facial hair, shave. Peach fuzz will do more to "out" you than anything else. Any hair that has a thin enough shaft that it could be bleached, waxed or plucked is too thin to masculinize your face. Shave it off. A clean-shaven face is much more convincing than one with downy fuzz.

People spend a lot of time looking at eyes and as a result eyebrows can do a lot towards masculinizing your face. Don't pluck or shape them. If your eyebrows are thin and light, it may be worth it to use an eyebrow pencil to accentuate them a little until HRT helps thicken facial hair growth. Do not accentuate the arch, however. Male eyebrows tend to be straighter than female ones and this helps make your face look more angular.


Presenting with a flat chest is obviously very important. Getting a good binder will help, particularly if your chest is larger. Tight sports bras topped with tank tops that are under t-shirts may work if your chest is smaller. Don't use duct tape or ace bandages, as these can cause back and breathing problems. Talc or Gold Bond powder under your binder can help keep your skin dry and comfortable, as can undershirts like Under Armour "Heatgear."

Cotton and cotton blend button-down shirts won't tend to cling against your body as much and help mask the exact shape of your chest. Plaids, horizontal stripes and other patterns that would interrupt shadows and body shape are good choices for tops.

Trousers should be worn low on the hips and never tight. This will help mask both your hips and your waist. A simple leather belt in a conservative color like black or brown will help with looking more masculine. For some shorter men, it can be difficult finding good men's trousers that are the right length. If you have to hem them, cut off extra material so that the cuffs at your ankles are short. Large cuffs will make your legs look shorter and thicker.

A good rule of thumb is to go for more conservative choices in clothing when you first begin presenting as male. Less leather, more khaki. This reduces the chances of being mistaken for a butch lesbian instead.

To Pack or Not to Pack?

Packing something in your pants is more a matter of personal preference than a necessity. If you have a "Stand to Pee" packing device, it can make life much easier when it comes to using public restrooms, but many men will use stalls instead and never have an issue. However, for many men packing helps boost their confidence and consequently helps them with more masculine body language.

If you do decide to pack, there are many products available as well as DIY projects. Keep in mind that larger really isn't always better. When deciding what size to get and how to wear it, try to spend some time discreetly noticing how other men look in their trousers. Most men aren't wearing tight clothing or sporting particularly large bulges. Subtle and comfortable will be a better choice than noticeable.

Final Tips

Keep your nails short, but don't round their edges very much. A blunter cut will help make your fingers look more angular.

Lifting weights can be a good way to add upper body bulk, but be cautious about injuries or pushing yourself too far. This is especially true if you're on HRT, as your muscles may grow so quickly that your tendons and bones aren't yet prepared to handle the extra stress and weight.

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