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Clothing for Female to Male Transvestites

At first it might seem like there shouldn't be much to it for the female to male transvestite. Just wear men's clothing, right? Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Since women can wear masculine clothing without raising any eyebrows, you'll have to take a few extra steps to ensure you're seen the way you want to be seen.


Unless you're blessed with an unusually flat chest, you'll probably need to wear something to keep your breasts out of the way. There are commercial binders available for flattening chests out, which tend to be in the same price range as bras. If you're not in need of the extra effort, a tight sports bra under an A-line shirt under whatever else you're planning on wearing may be enough.


Wearing your clothing in layers on your upper body will go a long way towards masculinizing your appearance. You don't want to add any bulk to your lower body, as this would only accentuate whatever curves there you might have. An undershirt topped by a t-shirt and a button up top will help mask the shape of your chest while making your shoulders look broader, however.

Shirts with prints on them will help by disguising any shadows on your chest, while jackets and loose overshirts can help make your chest look broader and flatter at the same time.


It's not necessary, but having a little something extra resting in your pants can add just the right sort of masculine swagger to your walk while also ensuring that your trousers hang right. A rolled up sock tucked inside of briefs may be enough, or you may want to invest in a prosthetic specifically designed for packing. Some of these are remarkably realistic and have even been claimed to pass a "squeeze" test in a gay bar.


A men's watch may have too thick of a band and make your arm look thin in comparison, but it does help quite a bit in your appearance. So what can you do? Find a watch designed for a boy or teenager, which will have a thinner band but still have a clearly masculine design.

A simple, masculine necklace would not be out of place with most outfits, unless perhaps you've decided to wear a three-piece suit. Dressed as a man, you'll probably look a bit younger than you are and it's very common for young men to wear small pieces of jewelry, so long as the jewelry itself is clearly intended for a man. While some men can get away with wearing diamond studs in their ears, it's unlikely that it would be the best choice while cross-dressing.

Get a wallet that you like that will go with a number of different outfits and carry it in your back pocket. While "man bags" are becoming more socially acceptable, the simplicity of the wallet helps enhance your presentation.

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