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Hair Removal Recommendations

Finding the right option for hair removal will depend on many factors. How much money you're willing to spend on it, how permanent you want the hair removal to be, your skin and hair type, and from where on your body you're removing hair are all some of the big questions you'll need to tackle before making your choices.


The first and most obvious choice is, of course, using a razor to slice off at the surface of your skin. It's cheap and effective, with no commitment for long term changes. It can be used anywhere on the body and with any hair type, though those with curly hair might find themselves more prone to ingrown hairs. Some spots like the bikini area are especially likely to get ingrown hairs for the first few weeks of shaving.

When you're acclimating a new region of your body to shaving, it's a good idea to take a few precautions. Once you're an old pro at it you can be more casual, but your skin will thank you if you're careful in the beginning. If the hair is particularly long, cut it to under half an inch long. It's a good idea to start with a hot bath, then work conditioner into your hair and leave it in. Using a sharp razor, go with the grain of your hair in smooth, straight strokes. Don't go against the grain the first few times you shave. When you're done, rinse and then pat the skin dry, but don't rub. There are some products available for the legs and bikini area which can help reduce the chances of getting ingrown hairs.


This is a cheap hair removal option that is good for small areas. Plucking is an excellent way to shape your eyebrows and reduces the stubble and ingrown hairs that might result from shaving. However, be warned that plucking over a long period of time can lead to hair being very thin and light. Be cautious about plucking your eyebrows too much as a result, as you may wish they were thicker later in life, when thin eyebrows are a sign of aging.

Using sterilized tweezers to reduce the chances of infection, grasp the hair you want to remove close to its root and then pull it out by pulling quickly in the direction of growth.


Many salons offer moderately expensive full body waxing services, but it's also possible to purchase home waxing products for privacy as well as saving money. Waxing can be used for eyebrow shaping and removing any body hair, but is not recommended for adult male facial hair. It takes two to eight weeks for hair to regrow. Waxing can be painful and may cause bleeding and ingrown hairs. Similar to plucking, over time it can cause hair to become softer, thinner or even not grow back at all.

The specifics of at home waxing will depend on which product you're using. Hair should be trimmed or grown out to between a quarter of an inch and half an inch long for waxing. Too long and it may cause bleeding, while too short may not be pulled out by the wax. Your skin should be clean and dry before you start. When pulling the strips away, hold your skin taut with your other hand to reduce pain and the chance of bruising.


While this is a permanent hair removal option, electrolysis typically takes one to four years before an area is truly hair free. Electrolysis can be used anywhere on the body and on any type of hair. In areas where some light hair would be normal, such as on the arms, this may not be a good option. Electrolysis is one of the most expensive and slowest options for hair removal, but is also the only one that can permanently render a body part hairless. It's a good choice for the chest and face as a result, as well as people with an abundance of light colored hair that cannot be removed via laser.

Laser Hair Removal

Promoted as an alternative to electrolysis, laser hair removal uses lasers to target dark hair against lighter skin. Hair will not be removed permanently, but it will grow back finer, lighter in color and with the total number of hair shafts reduced.

Laser hair removal works best on people with dark, course hair and pale skin, but it may be used on dark skinned people with black hair as well if the practitioner is skilled. Though expensive, this treatment option is the best for reducing hair in a way that appears natural, providing the patient is a good candidate for it. Be warned that laser hair removal can cause skin pigment changes or scarring in some cases.

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