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Guide for Husbands of Female to Male Transvestites

While a great deal has been written about male to female transvestites, there isn't much information out there on female transvestites. A large part of this is likely due to the fact that in modern western society it's much more acceptable for a woman to dress in male clothing. If a woman enjoys dressing as a male, she might simply be seen as "tomboyish" or mistaken for a butch lesbian. While a woman finding her husband in a pair of panties might raise some eyebrows, a man's wife wearing a pair of boxer shorts is less likely to do so.

The fact that they aren't often written about doesn't mean that they don't exist, though, as you and your wife surely know now.

Finding out that your wife is a female to male transvestite is likely to be a shock and leave you with a number of questions. While this guide will answer some of the basics, remember that the person who can best answer your questions is your wife.

What Is a Female to Male Transvestite?

A woman who is a transvestite takes pleasure in wearing some aspect of masculine clothing. This does not mean that all women who wear trousers are transvestites, obviously, because these are no longer strictly male attire. Usually, there's an element of gender play involved. This means that what she's wearing is aiding in a fantasy of being male.

There are many reasons why a female transvestite might enjoy dressing as male. She might do it because she enjoys the feeling of power of presenting as a man, or for entertainment, or an erotic thrill. There are many women who cross-dress who simply want to spend some time living as a man. They still identify as female, but enjoy stepping into another role for a short while.

There isn't much of a community for female transvestites, unlike the reverse. Because of the lack of community, your wife may have difficulty finding resources or places where she fits in. She may have a hard time finding a way to explain herself, because there's so little that has been explored about female transvestites. Be patient with her.

What Will Change?

Each person is different, so what your wife will want to do will be different as well. What changes is going to depend on what the both of you want as well as what you're both comfortable with. If you're both happy the way things are in your marriage, it's possible that very little will change at all.

Some female to male transvestites feel as though cross-dressing helps them express another part of their personality. Some will have a male name they use only when cross-dressing. If your wife does this and you feel comfortable with it, using her male name when she's dressed can be beneficial to the both of you. For her, it will enhance trust and make it easier for her to talk about what's happening with her. For you, it can help you process this new situation by having a way to differentiate between your wife in "girl mode" versus "boy mode."

Though little is known about female to male transvestites, this can be a good thing for the two of you. It's something you can learn about and explore together. If you let it, it may even draw the two of you closer together.

Remember that your wife has told you something of great personal significance. Treat it as the great show of trust it is and show her that her trust was well-placed by listening to her and supporting her.

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