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Tips for Presenting as Female

We're often our own worst critics and it can be easy to feel helpless and hopeless when first presenting as female, but there are very few features that can't be managed somehow. Working our way down the body, this guide will boost your skills and your confidence.


Male hairlines are typically M-shaped and thin somewhat at the temples, while female hairlines are lower with a gentler, more oval shape. Bangs can help mask a higher forehead and soften your face, particularly if they're layered and swept slightly to one side.

Soft layers with a bit of a curl or a wave can also help soften your face, while longer hair will draw the eye downward and give the impression of a shorter frame.

If you're unable or uninterested in growing your hair out, a high quality wig is a worthwhile investment. Your natural hair is the best for passing, but if this will not work then a human hair wig that has been custom fitted and is well-maintained will be well worth the expense.


Eyebrows can make a dramatic difference in feminizing your face. Women's eyebrows are thinner, with a greater arch than men's. If you don't trust your own skills to wax or pluck, most beauty salons will shape eyebrows. At the very least, ensure they're somewhat thinner with no hair between them.

If your goal is to present as female full time, then you may want to look into laser or electrolysis for your facial hair. Waxing won't help and may scar your face. Alternatively, you can cover any facial hair using foundation makeup and powder. Most women don't wear very much of either, so you'll want to be very careful matching your makeup to your skin tone. It is especially important for your foundation to blend into your neck and cover any shadow there.

Heavy eye makeup, blush and dramatic lipstick can make your face look harsher. A light application of eyeliner and mascara may be all that your eyes need, particularly if they're deep-set and naturally shaded by your brow.

For your lips, choose a soft shade of lipstick and a slightly darker lip pencil. Follow the natural contours of your lips with the pencil, then lightly blend it inwards before applying your lipstick. The darker lip pencil adds definition to the shape of your lips. Blot your lipstick and then apply a layer of lip gloss, which will make your lips appear fuller and softer.

Unless you have an especially round face in need of definition, blush should be used very sparingly or not at all.


For minimizing your height, avoid monochromatic outfits. A top with a different colored skirt helps break up your body visually. Longer, looser tops help draw the eye down, while also masking the exact size of your waist. If you're worried about appearing too tall, never wear vertical stripes.

To make broad-shoulders look narrower, avoid puffy sleeves or padded shoulders. Softer, thinner fabrics will help, as will darker colors on the top of your body.

V-necked tops--particularly if you have a padded bra or some other way of achieving the appearance of cleavage--can greatly emphasize a curvy, feminine appearance while deemphasizing your shoulders.

Body Hair

Unlike facial hair, you can have this waxed, though laser or electrolysis are the best permanent solutions. Waxing habitually will also make the hair somewhat softer and lighter when it grows back. Many beauty salons offer waxing services if you don't wish to do it yourself. If the thought of waxing at all makes you wince, shaving is also an option. Take a hot shower first and use conditioner rather than shaving cream as this will soften and smooth the hair shaft, reducing the occurrence of ingrown hairs.


They don't all have to be stilettos. In fact, a feminine style of sneaker than do more to make you pass than the fanciest of shoes. For the heel look without adding too much height, a nice wedge-type heel is the best choice. Try to avoid pointed shoes, as this tends to make the foot look longer. Depending on your size, you may need to purchase shoes through a specialty shop or online. Don't feel bad, however. Plenty of women have difficulty finding nice shoes in their size.

Final Tips

A manicure and pedicure can go a long way towards making you feel good about yourself. Short, natural nails will help to feminize your hands more than long, clunky acrylics. Knuckles can be waxed using thin strips of material just like eyebrows. Be generous with lotion and rub calluses with a pumice stone.

Keep in mind that once you perfect your voice and mannerisms, these can do far more for your presentation than any clothes or makeup.

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