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Shoes for Female to Male Transvestites

Buying shoes for presenting as male has a few challenges, largely depending on your foot size and height. If you're lucky enough to be tall and have feet well within the average male range, your main concerns will simply be style. This guide should cover all of the basics you'll need to know before shopping.


If you're buying shoes in European or UK adult sizes, your basic size will remain straightforward. It may be difficult to find the size you want in a male style or find the right width, however. Shopping from a US source will be more complex. Typically, your US size in men's shoes will be one and a half sizes less than whatever it is in women's.

Many times it can be hard to find stylish men's shoes in a smaller sizes, but there is a solution to that. If you have difficulty finding shoes you like in men's sizes, you can look at boy's or youth size shoes. There is also the option of looking at online stores from other regions. In either case, it can be useful to know your size in a number of different systems. A sizing chart comparing different systems is available here:


There are several different methods for adding height if you feel that it's necessary.

Men's boots can have a heel to them without raising eyebrows, perhaps adding a significant amount to your height. Boots aren't always appropriate for every outfit or occasion, however.

Lifts and lift shoes are the other two options.

Lift shoes have built in lifts to help add to your height. Because they come designed for adding height, it's a very straightforward choice. However, finding shoes that you like that are also lift shoes may be limiting.

Lifts fit inside of a regular shoe, which can be an advantage for several different reasons. You'll have more options for finding a style you like, instead of being limited to shoes that already have built in lifts. In addition to this, you can change how much "lift" you use by using different inserts. Unfortunately, they also tend to be somewhat less comfortable, since you're adding something to the interior of a shoe that was not designed to have lifts added.


Because of all of the options available on the internet, it can be tempting to purchase online. If you're not already fairly certain of what men's or youth sizes work for you, this might lead to buying shoes that don't end up fitting quite right. Trying on shoes and having yourself properly sized in a shoe store will be the best way to begin, so that you can get a good idea of how they'll fit and what adjustments you might want to make with men's styles.

Once you are certain of what size you'll want, shop around to find what you're after. The more places you look, the more likely it is that you'll be struck with inspiration.

Style Tips

Whatever style you go with is going to depend on what impression you want to give. Is this some sexy gender play, or are you looking more for a silly drag king excursion? Building up a persona in your mind before you begin can help you figure out where your style should take you as well. Are you a young Marlon Brando type or a campy Elvis? Play around a bit in your mind and see where you want to go with your look before you go shopping.

Keep in mind that it can be tempting to go for a large, bulky shoe to get a more masculine looking foot, but the most you'll accomplish there is giving yourself blisters. A well-fitting shoe and a masculine swagger will work a lot better.

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