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Drag King Makeover Tips

Your hair is one of the most important parts of a drag king performance. While there are some drag kings who work with long hair, this tends to soften the face and make people see a woman instead of a man. It is still possible to do female to male drag with a feminine hair style, but a short, masculine cut will work better.

Here are a few items that are good to have on hand before starting your drag transformation:

Binding supplies, such as a compression vest, pantyhose you don't mind cutting up, or a sports bra in a size too small
Eyebrow pencil
Brown eye shadow
Makeup brushes and sponges
Stipple brush
Spirit gum
Crepe wool
Clean mascara brush
Fixative spray


Depending on how busty you are, this could either be crucial or not terribly necessary at all. With small to medium breasts, a sports bra that is a size too small can often be enough to get everything flattened out enough. With larger breasts, purchasing a compression vest may be necessary. A cheap stop in between these two extremes is a pair of pantyhose. Cut a hole in the crotch to put your head through and trim the legs down so that your hands will be free and the material will not be exposed by your clothing. When binding your breasts, try to press them down and out towards the sides, to better approximate pecs. An easy beginner's mistake is to press them inwards and upwards, but this only accentuates cleavage.


It might seem like a contradiction to put on makeup to appear more manly, but it can help enormously. Additionally, drag is about performance. People of any gender may want to wear makeup when performing.

Start with a foundation that closely matches your skin tone and apply it across your entire face with a makeup sponge. Male faces tend to have a more even skin tone, due to their thicker facial skin that does not show variations in blood vessels as easily as female faces.

Your eyebrow pencil should match or be close to your hair color. First, you'll lightly apply the pencil to your lower lids and then smudge it a bit. Then, use the pencil to fill in your eyebrows, focusing purely on the natural brow line. Once you're done, you'll use the heel of your hand to smudge back and forth to loosen up the lines from the pencil, then smooth over your eyebrows lightly with the sponge you used for the foundation.

Using a brush and the brown eye shadow, lightly shade some of the lines on your face, to make your face seem more angular. A little under the eyes, along the jawline, under the bottom lip, and on either side of the mouth are key. To find the right places to shade, scowl into your mirror and look to where your face forms shadows and creases when you do this.

Once you're done, spray your face with the fixative. This works better than powder at keeping makeup fixed in place. Even better, it doesn't soften your face the same way powder does.

Facial Hair

While facial hair will help immensely when it comes to drag, less is more in many cases. There are two methods for facial hair that this guide will explore, but there are many more options out there.

The first method is the classic crepe wool. Pick crepe wool that is slightly darker than your hair color, then snip off small bits of it with scissors over a white piece of paper. Using your eyebrow pencil, outline where you want your facial hair to go. The mascara brush can then be used to soften the edges of this outline and make it look more like hair than pencil. Apply your eyeshadow within the outlines so that your hair will have a dark background behind it. Once this is done, spread spirit gum over your outlines, then weight twenty seconds for it do dry to a tacky surface. Pick up the bits of crepe wool and push into the spirit gum, trying to ensure there's a good hold. Let it dry, then lightly groom the edges again with your mascara brush.

An alternate method is one done before you apply your fixative. Once the rest of your makeup has been applied, dab the stipple brush in the greasepaint and lightly dab it along your jawline, starting at your sideburns and moving your way down. This can make a fantastic stubble look on the neck and cheeks, where the crepe wool might be too obvious. If the greasepaint is too thick or dark, pat your stipple brush on a sheet of paper before putting it on your face. Once you're done, apply the fixative.

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