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Transvestite Hotels

What is a transvestite hotel?

It may be a hotel that specifically caters to a transvestite clientele, offers makeover services for transvestites, or is located near some socializing areas frequented by transvestites. An ideal one might offer all of these and leave visitors with memories they'll treasure for a lifetime. Not all TV hotels may live up to those expectations, but even ones that are simply gay and transgender friendly without a transvestite focus can still make for a fulfilling experience. Still, it's best to decide what it is that you're looking for before making your reservations.

If all you're interested in is a place where you won't be harassed when you go out to have fun on the town, you may be more interested in a gay friendly hotel than a full TV hotel. On the other hand, if feeling a sense of community and being surrounded by other T-girls is important to you, finding one with an emphasis on this sort of interaction will be best.

Some TV hotels may be open and welcoming to admirers, who are typically men interested in transvestites. If you're not interested in men or this makes you uncomfortable, this will be something you'll want to clarify about the hotel first. There are plenty which are only for transvestites themselves and there is no reason why you would have to settle for a hotel that had anything that made you uncomfortable.

If you're disinterested in makeovers or any advice on dressing, seeking out a hotel that focuses on these issues would obviously be of little use to you. On the other hand, the opportunity to "talk shop" and swap tips and experiences with others can be one of the most rewarding experiences of visiting a TV hotel. Consider how important that experience might be to you.

If you have never been out in public dressed before, visiting a TV hotel might actually be the best thing you could ever do for yourself. You'll have a chance to dress in a safe place, receive makeup tips and suggestions from others in the same boat as you, and be able to simply let yourself be free and enjoy. One girl who had her first public dressing experience at a transvestite hotel retreat described it as magical and a life-changing experience.

The atmosphere and location of the hotel is obviously going to matter quite a bit as well. If it isn't in an area you'd want to holiday in anyway, you may be better off searching somewhere else. Likewise, if the hotel doesn't look like the sort of place you'd enjoy staying at if it didn't cater to transvestites, you may not enjoy it even if it has everything else you're looking for.

Some hotels will not cater to transvestites year round, but instead host transvestite events or retreats. Don't discount these, as even though it will only be available during a limited window of time it can still be every bit as fun as a more specialized hotel. There is likely to be a very intimate feel to the event, because of its brief duration.

Finding a TV hotel that meets your needs can be difficult at first, particularly since there are very few of them in operation. A message board can be an excellent place to start your search and hear firsthand from others who have visited the hotels you're considering. Ask questions about all of the things that would be important to you. If a visit to a transvestite hotel was fun, it shouldn't be hard to get much information out of someone. If anything, they'll probably be ready to gush and share all of the details of their adventures.

If all goes well and you find a hotel that offers all of the services you want, is located in a region you're going to enjoy, and has the right atmosphere, you will likely have an experience that will stay with you for life. You may make friends whom you'll treasure and learn things about yourself--and dressing--that you had never known before. It should be the ultimate girls' holiday.

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